Not really knowing that much about reflexology I went along to see Suzanne with a very open mind.  She had been recommended to me and I thought I had nothing to lose by going and I could even come away with some benefits. I had been feeling "out of kilter" for some while, often anxious and with an ongoing painful neck, not quite understanding why I felt generally low.

From the very beginning Suzanne made me feel comfortable and safe in the knowledge of what to expect and what I might experience.  Right from the start of the treatment I felt completely relaxed and she also used Reiki at the end which was a fantastic complement to the Reflexology.  I could actually feel my body reacting and the energy flowing, it was amazing.

I have since had three more treatments and each time I am feeling more and more benefits.  I am sleeping better, less anxious and much more able to cope with what life is throwing at me.  My neck has improved as well and I am generally feeling much better.

Reflexology doesn't profess to be a cure, but what I think it does is enable the body to help repair itself.  After the session, together with the Reiki, I have a wonderful sense of calm and restfulness. I can't imagine not having it in my life now. 

Thank you, Suzanne.


 Reflexology, WOW!  Following an accident, I had been suffering from neck pain and disturbed sleep for several months in spite of pain-killing drugs, x-rays, physiotherapists and chiropractors all having 'a go' at treatment.  One session with Suzanne Redwood and I  was free of pain and had the best night's sleep that I could remember. 


 Thank you so much for all the wonderful reflexology sessions. You really are gifted at helping people relax and genuinely care about helping them.  I'm grateful for your time, care and healing powers.



Suzanne always makes me feel very at ease.  I have been going through a very difficult time and reflexology treatment from her has helped me a lot.



Suzanne is very professional and she put me at ease right at the beginning of treatment.  She completely answered any questions I had and gave explanations without hesitation.  I thoroughly enjoyed the whole treatment.