The principle of Reflexology is that the organs and systems of the body are reflected on the feet.  By applying pressure to reflex points on the feet I can detect any imbalances that may be present and use Reflexology to activate the body's innate healing process.




Reiki is a non-invasive system of natural healing.  It acts holistically, physically, emotionally and spiritually affecting all the energies comprising the human body, animals and plants. During a Reiki treatment Reiki energy moves through the channel of the Reiki Practitioner dispelling blocks and negativity.  Reiki is intelligent and will go exactly where it is needed for the person's highest benefit.


Holistic Facial Treatments


I offer a range of holistic facial treatments including Facial Reflexology, Facial Cupping, Ear Candling and the Neal's Yard Holistic Facial. These can also be combined with foot Reflexology or Reiki if required.